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Parassure Subscription Features

Cyber Insurance


Ransomware is one of the most urgent concerns for SMBs, with attacks increasing over 100% in the last year alone.

Social Engineering

Phishing emails and attacks can cripple an SMB. Moreover, attacks as so sophisticated that even well-trained staff can let attackers into a system with one errant click.

Data Breaches

The Parassure Protect program protects businesses for the cost of an actual or suspected violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach that results in the unauthorized release of protected personal information, which is any private, non-public information of any kind in the company’s care, custody or control.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulation infractions result in billions of dollars of fines and compliance costs to well-intentioned SMBs. Furthermore, breach response requires compliance with each regulation at state and federal levels, which can be complicated and expensive.


When customer data is exposed, SMBs incur severe liability and associated costs.

Breach Response Services

24/7 Breach Hotline

Parassure’s Breach Hotline is staffed by  attorneys who are experts in breach response. This gives you professional guidance and confidentiality via attorney-client privilege, reducing potential liability.


Identifying the root cause of a breach is critical, which is why Parassure investigates incidents and to inform further securing your systems and data.

Legal Defense

Parassure provides legal defense in the event of a liability claim from a customer.

Crisis Management

When an incident occurs, you’ll receive public relations assistance, call center management, and much more to manage communication and eliminate additional exposure risks.

Identity Theft Protection

If personal information is exposed, Parassure provides services to monitor and repair identity threats.

Touchless Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

We continuously scan billions of records and files for hacked credentials. Teams are notified when user’s passwords have been exposed so reset measures can be taken.

Shadow IT SaaS Vendor Discovery

The average SMB uses between 50 and 300 SaaS applications, most unknown to IT, creating many opportunities for data exposure. Parassure automatically scans for over 50,000 vendor identifiers to notify you of new activity.

3rd Party Breach Monitoring

We monitor your customer’s vendors across thousands of proprietary and public breach reports, and alert partners when a customer’s data has been potentially exposed.

Threat Intelligence

Understand breach history of your vendors.


Cyber Risk Reports & Prospecting

Generate Executive friendly cyber risk scans to review a business’s exposure (dark web history, 3rd party breaches, and similar cyber claims).

White Labeling

Brand all communications with your company’s logo, name, contact, etc.

Sub User Accounts

Allow access to multiple roles inside your company (Sales, Marketing and Operations). 

API Integration

Streamline operations by calling our APIs (e.g. provision a customer, create tickets from a dark web alert, submit a cyber incident, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money? Parassure has compiled a “Top 10” list of how our partners make money. Many include this as a part of their upgraded security services package, a guarantee about their security products, or as an additional pre-paid suite of regulatory compliance services (PCI, HIPAA, GDRP, etc).
Are there any underwriting forms/paperwork? No.  The average customer is provisioned within 10 seconds and requires no paperwork or questionnaires.
Do I need to be a licensed insurance agent? No. Parassure is a licensed agent and we work with some of the largest agencies and carriers in the country.
What is the process to sign up a customer? There is no paperwork or application needed.  Just enter a domain and email in the portal, and the customer is covered instantly.  Yes, it’s really that simple.
Can you increase the limit to $1M? Yes. We recommend starting with $100,000 with our instant coverage, and can upgrade to $1M with some underwriting questions.
Who can be covered by the insurance? Are there any minimum technology or security requirements? Any US-based company who hasn’t had a PCI breach and is not a “Tier 1 Vendor” (e.g. 6M+ credit card transactions/year). We have 1 employee to 10,000+ employee companies as insureds. There are no technology or security minimum requirements.
Who provides the insurance?  What if I already have insurance?  Does it cover Ransomware, Phishing, etc?

The insurance is backed by Axis Insurance Company, an A rated carrier.
We have small to very large companies because they find it very valuable (even if they have other coverage).
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