Breach Response Services

Enterprise-Grade Breach Crisis Response Included

24/7 Breach Hotline With Specialist Attorneys

Parassure’s Breach Hotline is staffed by attorneys who are experts in breach response. This gives you professional guidance and confidentiality via attorney-client privilege, reducing potential liability.


Identifying the root cause of a breach is critical, which is why Parassure investigates incidents and to inform further securing your systems and data.

Crisis Management & Notification

When an incident occurs, you’ll receive public relations assistance, call center management, and much more to manage communication and eliminate additional exposure risks.

Legal Defense

Parassure provides legal defense in the event of a liability claim from a customer.

Identity Theft Management

If personal information is exposed, Parassure provides services to monitor and repair identity threats.

Benefits to Customer & Channel Partner

Superior Customer Protection

Go beyond prevention services. Engage in holistic protection of your customers with bundled cyber liability insurance and breach response.

Integrated Prevention, Detection, Response, & Insurance

Parassure’s prevention and detection monitoring streamlines your breach response actions, and cyber insurance alleviates many of the costs associated with a breach.